Friday, April 25, 2008

Party Over Here!

We are thrilled to say that Hannah has made the Constitution Team at her high school. This is a VBD (very big deal). Approx. 600 kids applied, 25 made the team. This is a wonderful reward for a great kid who has had a very difficult spring. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and support and it's on to the White House in '09! Oops, sorry, I got carried away. Maybe the White House in 2029! I should live so long! Cross your fingers for Senior Men & Women!

Even with my rotator cuff problems, I have been knitting away. I seem to only want to knit bags, blankets or something with 15 or more colors. I don't know what that says about me..... I've ordered three grab bags of Tahki Cotton Classic from WEBS, when that gets here, I'll start the ubiquitous mitered squares blanket ala Mason Dixon Knitting and January One. I also want to make the Babette blanket and Kaffe Fassett's brocade throw. Plus, the Barn Raising Quilt and Olive's Afghan from the fab new book Knitalong. In the bag department, I've just finished Nonibag's Flamenco bag and have cast on the Winter Berries bag. Other bags waiting are the Bobble Tote from the current Vogue Knitting (design #7, I'm too tired to link), and the freebie pattern they just featured on Knitting Daily, the Floral Gathering Sac by Pam Allen. That's all I dare admit to at the moment.

Have a great weekend! I just heard that we're going to have a mild Santa Ana here, so it will be warm and breezy.

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Janice Rosema said...

Congratulations to Hannah, not only beautiful, nice but also brilliant! They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I'm with you on working with lots of colors in projects. It actually helps keep things interesting. Happy knitting!