Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Long May It Wave!

We're staying home with the kittens in case the fireworks bother them. It's boomin' all around! I hope that everyone stays safe and that no fires are started!


Larry said...

Great graphics! I went to Robert's and had a good time. And a really tasty steak, and lemon meringue pie and my first ever mojito. Give me a call and we'll find something to do in someone else's a/c.

unraveledgal said...

Love the yarn flag. Don't have that much red in my stash... I'm impressed! Hope the kittens made it through all of the noise. Spookie was unimpressed, as usual.

Fay Lynn said...

That is a great and fast use of yarn. I wonder what other graphics you could come up with. Yarn Graffiti!

Glad the babies had company for their first 4th.