Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It Came Upon an Afternoon Clear.

Picture this, if you will. Saturday, December 13, Burbank, California. The girl and I are shopping. It has finally cooled off and the temperature has dropped below 60 degrees (with sincere apologies to my peeps in the upper prairies where it is currently 40 below). What does this mean? It means that I can actually consider throwing on something handknit. First I try on my Silk Rhapsody ruana. Looks like reindeer crap. Then I remember my Spanish Dancer Shawl. Seven skeins of Koigu goodness. I put it on before we left the house. It looked great. In fact, it was perfect--not too warm, a flattering color, cool ruffle. I felt like a real knitter, as in, heck yes, I wear handknits I've made. It was the first time I'd worn it. EVAH! Here is a photo of it in better days (notice: foreshadowing):

After a wonderful feast with H. at P.F. Changs, I am in the restroom and I notice one hole, no two, no three, etc., you get the idea. A total of at least six holes and a broken edge on one of the sides of the shawl. What is this? Poorly executed spit splices? kittens? eco-terrorism? No, my friends, it is much worse. The M-word...MOTHS. Moths? I said, dumfounded, when my friend suggested it. In Southern California? noooooooooooooooooo! Somehow, I thought we were too dry or too cool for moths. Moths are for Easterners, I thought...people with Pendleton coats and Hudson Bay blankets and such. Now, I ask you, what to do? I'm not willing to just scrap this shawl, nor am I crazy about undoing that ruffle. I'll wait here for your answer.


Fay Lynn said...

OMG and I thought you where in the hospital or something. But it is much worse then that. You are in morning!!
Holly C**p!

Bring it in so we can cry together. I have no really good ideas. But I guess I had better run and throw all the yarn into the freezer!

Morning With You

Janice Rosema said...

I couldn't reply sooner as I was in shock over the whole M-word thing! On seeing you yesterday, I must say you are holding up rather well under the circumstances. The only thing I can think of is the other M-word (mend.) Now, is the time to break out that extra yarn you so wisely saved and break out those amazing darning skills and make things all better. I know yo can do it! The alternative is not pretty - ripping out the ruffle and re-knitting! Oh, the horror of it al! Good luck - if you need someone to hold your hand, I'm your girl!