Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dog Days of August

Gee, my posting has really slowed down. I have several good reasons. First of all, not much has been happening, other than the HEAT. As is usual, it is hotter than hell for my and my sister's birthdays. Not unexpected, it is August after all, but annoying. We have had a pretty moderate summer thus far. Secondly, it's summer vacation! It's my job to lie around and drink iced coffees. Finally, my last whiny excuse, not much sleep. I suffer from bouts of insomnia and have been in one for about a week. The bags under my eyes have bags, big felted ones!

There has been much knitting going on. I will get the whiz kid to take some photos for me. I've been trucking along on the MS3, trying to catch up to the group. I've made it to row 250 of clue 4, have to knit to row 302, then back up and knit from row 219 through the end of clue 4. I have lengthen my stole. I think that the Habu silk is a little under gauge and I don't want to spend all this time on a scarf (or a table runner). After that, "all" I have to do is knit the 5 & 6th clues along with the 7th clue, to be released on Friday. better get back to the lace...

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Larry said...

You must love torture! Making the stole longer does make sense though. Mine is plenty long for my purposes. I'm about half way through the first wing.

Hope you had a good celebration. I'm assuming your sister joined you and that your family spent time together. I went to UR but I didn't really expect to see you. It was super slow. I could barely stay awake while trying to knit the Jitterbug sock.

Hope to see soon, maybe tomorrow.