Monday, March 10, 2008

Give me my hour back

and nobody gets hurt! As a person with awful sleep patterns, it is really painful to lose this hour every spring. I know I'm in the minority, but I can wait for daylight savings time. a long time. So, it was an extra miracle that I got up, got ready and made it over to Unraveled (link in sidebar) to hang out with my peeps Sunday afternoon. Janice Rosema (link in sidebar) and I are both working on the Koigu Oriental Jacket. We are using similar colors and it was fun to brainstorm about the piece and compare progress. I don't think it would be telling tales out of school to say that the instructions can be less than clear. That said, the Painter's Palette book which contains this pattern and many other well known koigu designs, is half off at KnitPicks.

Knitdad (link in sidebar), Sylvia, the lovely Jillian and our gracious hostess Christine rounded out the knitting circle. There has been a great hue and cry in local knitterdom due to Knitdad being ill, but I can tell you that I personally laid eyes on him and he is on the mend! Now if he would just stop adding me to his spam list so that my mail would go through, things would be swell, heh heh.

My thanks to everyone who kindly offered to help me with my yarn in the event that I did quit knitting. I'm happy to say the crisis has been averted and all the Koigu, Habu, Handmaiden, kid crack haze and company will be staying put.


Janice Rosema said...

Seeing you on Sunday at UR was great and it is amazing that even though our colors are similar our Koigu jackets look so different (even in their infancy.) I agree that the pattern is less than clear and there are lots of discrepancies between the old booklet and the book (refer to fellow knitters projects on Ravelry.)

I loved the fact that we got to do a little Koigu trading so diversify our colors even more. It is reassuring that your stash of yarn is now safe from retirement (I am sincere when I say that - he-he)and that Larry (knitdad) is on the mend. Now, if Scout would get well all would be right with the world.

mehitabel said...

What I hate most about DST is that we have to get up an hour early every single day until we go back to real time! I have so much trouble getting to sleep, and having to try to do it an hour earlier at night is just wretched. I wish we could go back to real time!
Thanks for the update on Larry!