Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Once more with feeling

Why is it that the simplest projects get you? Do we get cocky? over confident? is it just too simple? or am I just a short attention span MORON? I mentioned that I was knitting the Sursa shawl for the second time. This shawl could not be simpler. It is a triangle with a very simple reverse stockinette ruffle. The body of the shawl has been done for some time, so I thought do the ruffle quickly and get on to another project. wrong! Ruffle attempt #1 - I increased too much and ended up with a wildly ruffled edge that stood out from the shawl (think: the most extreme potato chip scarf attached to a shawl's edge). When I say "stood out" I mean literally standing out from my body. My knitting buds looked at me in horror at the thought of undoing all those stitches. But no, it wasn't the way I had envisioned it, so I ripped it out. Ruffle attempt #2 - I successfully achieved a soft ruffle that I really liked. I was winding up the last row before binding off last night when something caught my eye. Huh? I looked a little closer. The reverse stockinette ruffle was not reversed. Now, it was suggested to me that I just ignore it. Since I am a perfectionist and just a little bit cranky, I could not. So, once again the three balls of ruffle yarn were wound up. I am now on Ruffle attempt #3. The ruffle is both reversed and gathered appropriately. things just may work out....but let's not tempt the fates, ok? I'm throwing salt over my shoulder as I write this.


mary said...

I'll cross fingers and toes for you too!

Fay Lynn said...

Ok, I would have pulled out #2. That would have bothered me a lot too. Come to think of it I think it took three times before I was happy with the ruffle. Ok I will go sit down now.