Friday, May 18, 2007

Thursday/Friday musings

As a stay at home mom (read: chauffeur, cook, crisis counselor, personal shopper, teenage girl wrangler and scullery maid), I was happy to learn that I have an unpaid salary due of $138,095 annually. Woo hoo! Imagine all the yarn that could buy! Even though I'm not receiving my due, I'm still buying yarn and starting projects like my last name is Rockefeller.

Here are my current projects (will add photos ASAP):
Larger than Life Bag - 3 squares done. This pattern calls for Koigu Kersti, but I'm using a Louisa Harding cotton as I previously mentioned here. The squares are fun to make and I love the colors.

Sursa Shawl from Noro book No. 2, Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Collection for Noro book No. 2. This same pattern book has the Klaralund sweater which swept through knitting blogdom like wildfire a couple years ago. This is actually the second one of these shawls that I've made. The current one is made of Silk Garden Lite (one strand) with a tweedy yarn, GGH Polo, for the ruffle. Everyone I know has made several of these shawls.

Ripple Blanket-Yes, I am a lemming, following Posie Gets Cozy & Yarnstorm on the crazy ripple trail (links to their blogs in the sidebar). I saw their blankets and it was all over. I HAD to make one. The KAL for this is aptly named the "No End in Sight Ripple-along." For me, it's rapidly becoming the "Money Pit" blanket. I'm using every nice merino wool I can find, e.g. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK and Rialto, KFI Sublime (a new yarn, very lush), Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK, Rowan Cashsoft DK, Cashcotton and so on.. So far the ripple has gobbled up about 20 skeins of yarn. You do the math, it's a beautiful but pricey blankie. Note: the colors in this picture are not accurate. I'll have the journalism ace take a better photo for me.

New Noni Patterns - the Hydrangea bag and the Fuchsia Market bag. Nora Bellows has some winners in her new Spring 2007 collection. I think my head may have actually exploded a little when I first saw them. Have the yarns and patterns, just haven't cast on yet. (see above job description). Nonibags website, click on "collections"

whew! There's also various freeform crochet projects, another shawl and a Koigu Oriental Jacket. No rush on the Oriental Jacket, I figure I'll be buried with it, haha. Tomorrow I'll talk about the projects I want to do next. The first of which will be to figure out how to add a second set of hands to my body.

Hi, my name is Lisa and I have an addiction to all things yarny.

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Fay Lynn said...

Thank you for the link sis. You and H are going to show me up and I am going to have to post much more often. I guess I better go over there right now ans start writing!!

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