Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday Photos

I have finally taken some photos of some finished pieces, plus some WIP's.

This is my Forsa scarf done in the chocolate raspberry colorway of Trendsetter Tonalita.

This is a crazy neckwarmer for H, made of Ozark Handspun.

The so-called 200 Scarf, a birthday present for H. Huge yarn + size N crochet hook pretty much equals immediate gratification.

This is the new Seduce yarn from Berroco in the passementerie green color. For the Flow top from the Norah Gaughan Collection, vol. 2. love this yarn-rayon, silk & linen.

This is the front of Tink Knit's Flower Market bag, details have not yet been embroidered onto the surface. I'm really looking forward to using this bag this spring.

Finally, this is really a nondescript photo, but I've got about four feet done on the Babykid Ruffle shawl.


Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! When it rains, it pours! So much yarny goodness in one post! Nice work.

mary said...

Nice line up of WIPs and FOs!

mary said...
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