Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Can I get an intervention please?

Would someone please stop me. This yarn, Kauni Effekt, is one of the "hot" yarns on the internet now. Yarn Harlot mentioned it on her blog a couple days ago. If you buy 2 skeins you can easily knit a faux fairisle cardigan. Now, of course, I want to get some. I live in L.A., aka the last heat stop before Hell and Arizona. The yarn is a hand dyed somewhat scratchy shetland type WOOL from Denmark. It comes in huge skeins of approx. 1,200 yards. This fact alone should discourage me from buying this since I get annoyed winding Cascade 220. I am a person who has been warm her whole life, summer is approaching (it was 90 today, some would say it's here) and I may be experiencing hot flashes. I still want the yarn. call 1-800-Imalunatic. I can already hear certain friends of mine screaming...

In other news, things are really coming along on the Larger than Life bag. I've got one side completely sewn together, one side to go. You can see the lining fabric lying there on the table. As others have said, this bag really is larger than life. So large that the plastic needlepoint canvas sheets that I bought to stabilize the bag are too small! I am now mulling over other ways to firm up this bag. Maybe fusible interfacing attached to the lining? I was in Jo-Ann's this evening to look at interfacing, but it was so hot and stuffy in there, I had to leave. They had this ultra firm interfacing called Peltex, has anyone tried that?


mary said...

Ummm... 93 degrees yesterday. 92 today. That's all I'm going to say, except those squares look wonderful.

Fay Lynn said...

Forget 90 degrees, The real question is what does the tempreture need to be in order to actually weare that wool?? Does that tempreture even exist here in the San Gabriele Valley?? Nough said??
and Yes, I was screaming as I read this,

Love the lining. The interfacing is a good idea.

See you tomorrow!