Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend wrap-up

It's been a fun weekend. Saturday, I inadvertently participated in World KIP day. I went to my favorite yarn store, Unraveled, and was happy to discover Janice Rosema, the uber-talented freeform crochet & knitting artist sitting at a table there, surrounded with gorgeous yarns and projects. Janice is usually teaching, so it's unusual to get to just sit and hang out with her. Spending time with Janice, her various completed pieces and just general fabulousness is a mind bending experience. Whenever I get to spend time with Janice, I generally end up racing home with a thousand different ideas...Saturday was no exception. Janice is teaching a new class called Geometric Freeform Knitting on June 23 at Unraveled. check it out--it's a beautiful piece.

Speaking of Unraveled, it's a great yarn store. Starting on Tuesday, June 12th, they're having a sock yarn sale. Colinette Jitterbug, Sockotta, Koigu and all other sock yarns will be on sale. While you're there, you can get an entry form for their flip flop contest. A cool way to kick (get it, kick?) off the summer! If we want to have the luxury of local yarn stores, we need to support them, especially this time of year when things start to slow down. Unraveled has the most beautiful interior that I've ever seen in a yarn store. There are comfy chairs in a very inviting seating area where you can knit the time away. Unraveled has a friendly, talented staff and, oh yes! Beautiful yarns. drop by and get some sock yarn and say hi to Christine and company. I'll be there waiting on the couch.

Sunday afternoon, H and I spent a couple enjoyable hours with Knitdad. Our little excursion involved a mountain, a barn and yarn... There may have been a little yarn acquisition...I'll never tell. :-) It was a lot of fun as always.

Finally, today is my mother's birthday. My whole immediate family, all six of us, three generations, had a party. We had dinner at a favorite italian restaurant, then returned to my mother's house for cake, cards, gifts and general carousing. There was even a crown involved. (contractual obligations prohibit me from showing my mother from another angle. In other words, she'd kill me!)

Happy Birthday, Mom! you're the best.

It has been a very nice weekend indeed.


Fay Lynn said...

Ok spill it. What was the yarn that you got and what is the whole barn thing about. I am in the dark here.

mary said...

I was hoping you'd join us for Mystery Stole 3 and so glad that you are. I got the recommended Jaggerspun Zephyr in Vanilla. I ordered it from Sarah's Yarns online on Sunday and I got the email that night that it was ready to ship on Monday. Enabler? Who? Me? It's only enabling if you have to buy yarn for it, which I'm guessing you might have something in that lil ole stash of yours. If you ever want to chat offline, you can email me at marybeezo AT aol DOT com.