Monday, June 04, 2007

Knitting ADD

We have recovered from the drama of last Friday. I think my mind actually relaxed some time Saturday afternoon. Anyway, it's over. H took the SAT on Saturday (imagine "Sunrise, Sunset" playing in my head). I hung out for a while at Unraveled with the gang.

I've had to put the Lotorp bag on a brief timeout because it's killing my hands. To make a bag that is really nice and firm, I'm having to knit a bulky wool on size 9 needles. I've knit up 3 skeins of the Iro, and it's also pretty warm to have sitting on your lap in Southern California in June. I'll be able to pick it up in a day or so. Until then, I've been crocheting more squares for the Larger than Life bag. My philosophy is to aggravate as many muscle groups as possible. ;-)

My increasingly severe case of Knitting ADD continues to flourish. I literally want to make EVERYTHING! The Op Art bag in the new "Knitting Never Felt Better" book (see below) sent me scurrying to find suitable colors in my Lamb's Pride stash. Then, there's the Tuscany Shawl from "No Sheep for You." I've seen several beautiful completed Tuscany's online this past week done in Handmaiden's Seasilk yarn, which I just happen to have. I need more hands.

Finally, my good friend M is flying off to teach at the big Bead & Button show tomorrow. For beaders, this is Stitches, Maryland Sheep and Wool and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. Have a great time!

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