Friday, July 13, 2007

IBook, I wish...

Dropped off my laptop at DiNo computers Monday, picked up on Wednesday, took laptop back on Thursday = no laptop tonight. Apparently my new logic board was corrupted. Who knew? I'm not sure if it was a case of kickbacks or being named as a client of a certain escort service, but it was no good. alas and alack, it might take until Monday to get my iBook back. I guess I have no life because I can't stand not having it. Not being able to read my Bloglines or email makes me crazy. Itunes, pattern downloads, online threads--I miss them all! Isn't it amazing how ingrained the wired life has become?

Mystery Stole 3 update. I haven't had a lot of free time, but it seems like I"ve been working on this night and day. It is going better, but I find I still have to be very careful to not miss something on the chart or drop a stitch. That's what you get when you knit with THREAD!!! I'm currently on row 127 of clue #2. not too bad. A special thanks to Mary for being so encouraging. I appreciate it.

BTW, I got my hands on a copy of the new Norah Gaughan Collection, vol. 1 from Berroco today. I am really impressed with the book. Stylish, interesting designs. I'm going to end up with an extra copy of any of my local buddies out there would like to buy it from me.


Larry said...

I'll buy it. You knew I would. You know where to find me today. And I see that clue #3 is now available. Not sure I'm quite ready for that.

mary said...

You're in the homestretch on clue #2. That's great; one row at a time and soon you'll be at row 150. I've seen some pictures of the Norah Gaughan book online and it's definitely improving Berroco's appeal for me IMHO.