Monday, July 02, 2007

Burning Up Lace

You've heard of Arctic Lace? Well, here is my Burning Up Lace, aka Mystery Stole 3. The title of this post refers to the fact that summer has arrived here with a vengeance. It is predicted to be over 100 degrees through Saturday! aughgh!

If you are interested in the Mystery Stole 3 and MS3 knitalong, here is a link to the designer's site Pink Lemon Twist. You are knitting a lace stole sight unseen, with instructions parceled out in weekly installments, except for July 20th, due to the release of the new (and last) Harry Potter book. Sort of a progressive dinner, but with lace. I believe there are something like 3,500 members of the knitalong. The sheer load of emails from the group was stunning. I went from individual message (will I ever learn?) to daily digest (of which there were MANY) to "no mail."

This is the yarn I'm using, Habu 2/17 Tsumugi Silk, color 19. I really like this yarn, although it is very very thin. It has the rustic silk look that I find very attractive.

I'm halfway done with the first 100 rows.

Arty close-up courtesy of the kid.

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mary said...

Very nice. I spent yesterday on my stole and I'm gonna work on it today too. I know understand the appeal of lace. If I don't burn out of this by the end of MS3,I might have to set Hanami in my sights. Did you ever start yours?