Monday, October 22, 2007

Devil Winds

Wow. What else can you say? From the mountains to the sea, southern California is on fire. You always know there are going to be Santa Ana winds in October, but this is just insane. There are so many fires going, I don't know which of my friends to worry about first. We are lucky enough to live in the "flats" of the San Gabriel Valley, not in any fire danger. I am sincerely hoping that everyone's friends and family will be ok. I have some very dear friends up in Crestline who are particularly on my mind tonight. be safe.

We survived endless shoe shopping, the PSAT test and Homecoming this weekend. H had a good time, I'll let her tell her own stories. On Sunday, H and I took a workshop called Antonia's Adornment at the San Gabriel Bead Co. I finished my bracelet last night and loved it. photo to follow.

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Janice Rosema said...

Beautiful piece. Wish I could have joined you. It sure was nice to see you on Saturday. Sounds like you survived Homecoming! Hope you are having fun with your felted bag. Post a photo when you finish.