Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Winter Interweave Knits

The preview for the new IK is available


Interweave Knits has pretty much superceded Vogue Knitting as my favorite knitting magazine, but I have to say, not this time. Perhaps it is due to the Vintage Knitting theme, but the sweaters are too close to the body, too much the same, and in some cases, dated. It is too soon to see if this will be the norm in future issues, but I was concerned about this when the new editor was announced. I think that an editor should include a variety of designs, beyond their personal tastes. Strictly my opinion, take it or leave it. I mean, come on, a TABARD?? good grief. It's a good thing I only have three readers, or I'd be in trouble...

I do like the Celtic Bag (big surprise, I know). photo here Other "likes" are the Logan River Wrap and Rosemary's Swing Jacket.


Larry said...

I assume IK doesn't think men deserve any sweaters or other knitted items. EJ might be in over her head.

mary said...

Funny, but of course, I like a lot of the patterns. Some of them are too boatneck-y or don't have enough of a collar to stay on the shoulders. I don't know that I would make any of them, but it's always fun and exciting to look at the new stuff. That celtic bag looks right up your alley.

Janice Rosema said...

Okay Lisa, are you just trying to torture me with the photo of the Celtic bag because I haven't gotten my Interweave yet? I agree that things are changing at the mag, this happened with Belle Armoire as well. I seriously hate the new format as it confuses me, I am an old person, maybe that is why. Now Janice, no whining!

Saturday was great fun, hope you are needlefelting away on your bag. Can't wait to see it finished. Hugs, J