Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monday night notes

Three posts in a week! I'm on a roll. Just some random musings. It was a wonderful, cool, overcast day. Very pleasant. I love days like these, they remind me of many days of this sort spent in San Francisco.

I have always been happy to be a girl, and now as the mother of a "girl," you get to reexperience moments from your youth, but this time as a parent. The preparations for the Homecoming Dance would make the people over at the Rand think tank weep. Seriously. You need a math major from Cal Tech to keep up with the shifting numbers of who's riding in the limo, how many kids will be at the dinner. Who is angry with whom and will the agouraphobic parent show up at the dinner? How many cars do we need to shuttle the kids over to the restaurant., and most importantly, who is getting ready at which girl's house? Eyebrow (yes, eyebrows!) and manicure appointments need to be made. Fill in the rest of the week with meeting reps from Georgetown University in Brentwood, the Homecoming football game and possibly a small outpatient surgery. I'm glad I don't have to live it this time around, but happy to be around for the ride. Gotta love the creatures known as teenage girls.

I'm working away on my Chevron Lace Ruana from Iris Schreier's new book, Lacy Little Knits. I'm using a lovely colorway of Silk Rhapsody, ivory, chartreuse and slate grey. It's gotten a little boring, but I'm trudging on. Trying desperately to hold off casting on the Illusionist until I finish. Here's a photo of the Ruana from the book.


Janice Rosema said...

Sounds like you at in Command Central for homecoming preparations. It must be insane and I am sure that you are sailing through it all serenely!?

Love your potential new project, the Illusionist, I want to make that one too. I may be coming into Unraveled one day this week, if I do I'll email you and let you know. Maybe I can drag you out of the house for a little knitterly tete-a-tete.

Janice Rosema said...
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mary said...

When my 7 year old daughter gets to that point, I'm coming to you for sanity checks and advice! Glad to see you posting again.