Friday, October 12, 2007

The Ilusionist

Don't you love it when you wander into your favorite yarn store and discover that two new magazines are in? I found these two yesterday. Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts and Vogue Knitting Holiday 2007. I enjoyed both, but the edge definitely goes to IK Holiday Gifts, mainly because of Leigh Radford's Needle Felted Messenger bag.

Really attractive design, good colors, etc. I'm not crazy about needle felting, but will give it a whirl again for this bag.

In the Vogue Knitting, Alchemy Yarns had an ad for one of their new patterns, the Illusionist Shawl, which just happened to roll in with the mail a couple days ago:

I saw this design online somewhere and had to make it. Love the ruching. With all the increasing, knitting this will make the ruffled scarf in Kid Silk Haze seem like knitting a swatch, but I think it'll be worth it. If I get it done in time, it will be perfect for all my holiday entertaining (VBG, my entertaining is limited to cheese balls and triscuits).

Here is the yarn I'm going to use, Shibui Silk Cloud. 60% mohair/40% silk. It is like a cloud, too, a 25 gram skein contains 330 yards. This yarn appears to be identical to the Alchemy Haiku, which the pattern uses. My color is called Wasabi, which is so appropriate. My photo is on the dark side, all you sushi eaters can picture the real color. Ja, mata ne.

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Fay Lynn said...

Ok, where did you get the cloud stuff. I want some!! I might even be up for this scarf. I will be doing the bag too. Please lets figure out a way to clone ourselves so all of this can get done!!