Friday, January 25, 2008


And I really mean it, thank God it's Friday! What a week. The creeping crud caught up with me on Tuesday and I have been down and out all week. It seems to consist of 96 hours of unrelenting misery after which you feel a little better and stop praying for death. Then, there's this week's weather! Rain, lots of it, wind, hail and cold. If the weatherpeople are correct, we're in for another big storm due in Saturday night. I love the rain, I just don't want any homes to slide off hills...

If you are on Ravelry, you have to go to the Bobby's page and check out the nominees for most colorful project. Talk about eye candy! Our own Janice Rosema is nominated along with the incredible Prudence Mapstone. So many inspiring projects. I still love love love Babette's blanket. Actually, I love love love color.

Also out on the internet now is the Interweave Knits Spring 2008 preview. This time, I will reserve judgement until I have the issue in hand. However, there seem to be quite a few projects on small needles with negative ease. I'm just sayin'

I've finished two projects this week, no photos yet. The first FO is a huge crocheted scarf for the kid's birthday. Check out the blog, Yarn Ball Boogie for the original. Secondly, I finished my Forsa scarf in the Chocolate Raspberry Tonalita. I really love this yarn. It was cold enough today that I actually wore it. I have witnesses!


Larry said...

Yes. I will swear that you actually wore the scarf. (And it's a fine looking scarf!)

My eyes are still swirling around in my head. I'm not sure which of those are the most colorful but the Nether Garment has got to be one of the most amusing. I love color. I just don't live with it.

So glad you're getting better. That cough sounds excruciating!

And I think Hannah's birthday scarf is fabulous. Is it okay for me to say "fabulous"?

The other woman is coming over today instead of Sunday. Wanna plan something for Sunday?

Fay Lynn said...

Glad you are better. I missed you this week. Got knitting done so it can't be all bad. See you monday at ASIT? I will be there 3ish.